Trauma. Hits. Hard.

Join the 0+ survivors using our Somatics Trainings.

When dealing with anxiety, depression, the inability to lose weight, suffering from PTSD, or even trying to integrate from your healing modalities you have already finished, our somatic therapies can support you on your healing journey from the privacy of your own home! From trauma to transformation, that is what we are here to help you do!


What does Somatic mean and what can it do for you?

Somatic therapists use mind-body techniques to release the pent-up tension that's weighing on your emotional and physical well-being. These techniques could involve breathing exercises, meditation, dance, and other forms of body movement.

Here is how we can serve you during your trauma healing.

Choose Your On-Demand Trauma to Transformation Training:

10-minute in-home private Somatic & Neuro training sessions to help you calm your nervous system and take back your life.

Somatic Therapies

Relax your nervous system with our research-backed healing modalities that provide short-guided neuroplasticity therapies to help release trauma from the body from the privacy of your own home.


Vagal Nerve Training

Heal with 10-minute guided therapies to gently tone the vagus nerve after trauma. All modalities are taken from Dr. Stephen Porges research on trauma. 



Learn the way to work with your emotions through movement. Yoga poses provide a way to connect with the body and feel safe again. An excellent resource for post-traumatic events where you suffer from dissociation.

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Healing & Transformation Integration Collection

Learn the tools to embrace your healing journey post treatment with our premium integration program. Connect your body, mind, and spirit to assimilate new patterns of existence to maximize your healing.

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WOMBan Warrior ™

WOMBan Warrior is a transformative program designed to empower women on their healing journey after experiencing pregnancy loss and infertility. With a nurturing community, comprehensive video trainings, and expert guidance, WOMBan Warrior offers solace, support, and renewed hope for embracing life's next chapter.


Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program is a compassionate and empowering journey for individuals seeking healing from the trauma of narcissistic abuse. Through transformative video trainings and expert guidance, this program provides tools and support to reclaim personal power, rebuild self-esteem, and foster emotional resilience.


Inner Child Healing Protocol

Are childhood feelings of abandonment, abuse, or neglect affecting your adult life? Learn how to transform wounds and patterns so you can move forward in your life.

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Heal Fear, Guilt & Shame: Inner-Healing Miracles

Discover the tools to release emotional burdens, overcome the grip of fear, guilt, and shame, and embark on a profound journey toward emotional freedom and well-being. Join us and embrace a life free from the limitations of negative emotions.

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Master how you communication, improve your sex skills, and heal your past so that connection feels like a game designed for you to play, win, and thrive..



Through deep and focused breaths, the powerful connection between mind, body, and soul diminishes trauma. Breathwork supports self-awareness and self-healing through various suggested breathing techniques.


See what other survivors have to say

Laura S.

"I had actual tears of recognition in my eyes after starting this program; six months later, I feel like I have reached a milestone in my recovery from abuse. I felt understood by this training in a way that I never have before with a psychology or therapy text, except for Somatic Trauma Therapy's program. This training is absolutely invaluable for someone with complex trauma in childhood, who used dissociation as their main defense mechanism. I highly recommend this program! And be patient with yourself!"

Anna F.

"I have done this practice in conjunction with my therapist- who recommended it actually. I felt I made bigger strides using Somatic therapy added to my day to day. I highly recommend trying it."

Dina D.

"I needed this therapy! Talk therapy felt icky and I could never move past it! This therapy helped me feel like I grew a neck again/ because I felt like my head and body weren’t attached after my traumatic experience. I loved I could use my HSA card to purchase also. Thank you for this!!"

Meet Our Trainers

Dr. Amy Binder

EdD, MA, MAT, LPC Psychotherapist

Much of Dr. Binder's 14 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor has been spent working with youth and adults with high anxiety, depressed moods, and symptoms of ADHD, and what has been a common theme that underpins them is a history of trauma. When trauma is trapped in the body, talk therapy and mindset shifts alone are often not enough. Through somatic activities like movement, breathwork, grounding, and the like, trapped emotion and trauma can move through the body and be released. It is so powerful to experience! When working with my clients, I include animal-assisted therapy, yoga poses, grounding techniques, mindfulness techniques, and other activities that you now have access to on this site.


Yoga Teacher, QLA, Somatic Instructor, Wealth & Leadership Mentor

Kris is a dedicated and compassionate practitioner, specializing in Quantum Frequency Healing (QLA) and yoga instruction. With a profound belief in the power of healing and self-discovery, Kris is on a mission to help individuals connect to their divine birthright and unleash their inner potential. As a QLA practitioner, Kris utilizes ancient healing techniques and energy work to facilitate holistic transformation. With a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection, Kris guides individuals on a journey of self-exploration and healing, empowering them to release energetic blockages and align with their highest selves.




Pregnancy Loss Specialist

As a pregnancy loss life coach, my goal is to provide unwavering support to women who have experienced miscarriage or pregnancy loss. I am here to guide you throughout your journey of seeking solace and healing, drawing on my own personal experiences. I understand the pain and confusion you may be feeling because I have walked in your shoes. Together, we will navigate through that seemingly endless tunnel of darkness, emerging stronger and more empowered.


Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Life + Purpose Coach 

Ashley has been teaching international yoga retreats and self-development programs since 2013. Based in Bali and Thailand for 9 years, she has a deep understanding of Eastern philosophies and how emotions and energies relate to the mind. Ashley is a 500hr RYT Yoga Teacher, an Intuitive Healer, and Purpose Coach. She works with private clients and groups to help deepen an understanding of their unique purpose and how to make decisions based on their highest potential and inner wisdom. Ashley has helped develop advanced healing retreats for veterans and first responders with PTSD and self-development and purpose-based programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She guides her classes through loving compassion and deep listening to the inner wisdom that connects us all.

These programs are not intended to replace medical care/treatment with your medical doctor or therapist. Please seek the advice and direction of your healthcare provider before starting any healing modality.